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One of the many ways in which modern technology has made our lives easier is in the supply of forms, so we can complete them at home, at our leisure. It's just no fun to try to remember important details about our vehicles while bending over a small counter, writing furiously so that we can finish up and let the next person in line have their turn.

Driver License Forms

The Kansas Division of Vehicles (DMV) makes available online many of the forms for the processing, replacement, duplication, and alteration of KS driver licenses. Here are a few of the most often used forms when visiting the Kansas DMV - online or in person. (You will need the free Adobe Reader to download and read PDF files.)

Kansas DMV Online Vehicle Titling and Registration forms section makes it easier than ever to handle all transactions associated with your car, boat, or vehicle registration or transfer in the State of Kansas.

Driving Record Forms

Forms for and about your Kansas driving records:


The Kansas DMV also makes its manuals and handbooks available online:

Dealership Forms

Opening a car dealership in Kansas? You can get all the information you'll need in our:

DMV.org Insurance Finder

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DMV Cheat Sheets Time Saver

Passing the driver's ed written exam has never been easier.

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