Warning: Very high turnover rate!! If you have no family (husband, kids, etc) and no life then you might be ok. Otherwise you will work your a** off working by yourself, 6 days a week, no other days off because there's no coverage for you to have a day off. Some of the customers are awesome, and some are just plain scary (you don't want to be a female and work by yourself, not always safe), the collection calls are a nightmare!! That's essentially what your day consists of is collection calls all day long!!! You will work hard with no appreciation from management. I worked 6 days a week for 3 months straight by myself, ran the place, did all the management duties, traveled when they needed me to, etc. I was told I was doing a great job, that I would be promoted to manager of the store. Then they hired a new person, and made her manager of the store I'd been running and she was going to be my boss. Yet I still had to train her on all the manager duties, and on lots of other things as well. Essentially they used me till they thought they found someone better, and then ended up firing her later. The way this place is run boggles my mind!! The drama and gossip you have to deal with will make you feel like you're in high school all over again!! You will never get a raise either, although you may be promised one! To those of you who end up getting a job here, good luck! I truly hope your experience was better than mine! **If you are female, keep pepper spray or a stun gun with you at all times for protection!!**


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