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Replacing a Lost Title in Kansas

There are a variety of reasons to replace a Kansas vehicle title, including when it is lost, mutilated, damaged, or illegible.

The Kansas Division of Vehicles processes requests for all new and duplicate title applications.

Continue reading this page to find out how to apply for a duplicate title in Kansas.

Applying For a Duplicate KS Title

NOTE : If your vehicle has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of more than 26,000 lbs., you may have up to 2 lienholders recorded. If the vehicle is being refinanced, the existing lienholder must release it before the new lienholder is allowed to apply for a secured title.

Applications for duplicate title can be made by mail, fax, or in person at a local KS treasurer's office.

In Person

To apply for a duplicate title in person, you'll need to visit your local Kansas County Treasurer's Office with :

  • A completed Application for Duplicate/Secured/Reissued Title (Form TR-720B). Be sure to include:
    • Vehicle year.
    • Vehicle make.
    • Vehicle identification number.
    • Owner name.
    • Current odometer reading.
  • Payment for the current fee for a lost title: $10.
    • $10 for replacement title.
    • $10 for removing a lien from paper title.
    • $11.50 to add a lien.

Your replacement title will be issued within 40 days. If you don't receive it after 6 weeks, call Titles and Registrations at (785) 296-3621.

Complete an Application for Duplicate/Secured/Reissued Title (Form TR-720B) and mail it, along with a check for $10, to your County Treasurer or:

Department of Revenue Titles and Registrations 915 SW Harrison St.

Topeka, KS 66612

By Fax

You can submit your Application for Duplicate/Secured/Reissued Title (Form TR-720B) by faxing it to the Kansas Titles and Registrations office at (785) 296-2383.

Replacing a Lost Title with a Lien

The Division of Vehicles will not issue a duplicate title if there's an existing lien. You must first obtain a lien release.

How can I add or remove a lien from my title during this process?

You can use the same Application for Duplicate/Secured/Reissued Title (Form TR-720B) to add or remove a lienholder. In both cases, you need a hard copy or electronic copy of your existing title and registration.

If the vehicle is held by an e-title, you'll need to include the registration receipt.

You must submit a Request and Consent for Kansas Title to be Issued with Lien and Mailed Out of State (Form TR-42), and have a release of lien (with lien holder consent) notarized.

If I purchased a vehicle from an out-of-state seller who lost the title, what do we do?

Start by asking to see the Kansas registration receipt if available, since this can list any lienholder information and make it easier to track down the original title. If no lienholder is found on the receipt, the seller needs to request a duplicate title.

If the receipt says "E-title," the seller can't assign a title to a buyer until it is released. Sellers can give buyer an Electronic Title Sales Agreement (Form TR-39a), which the buyer can include with copies of insurance information and odometer disclosure.

Making Corrections on Your Title

What kind of changes can I make to my title?

  • If there is an error on your Kansas title, you can take a copy to your county treasurer's office, and then apply for a corrected title. There is no fee to adjust a corrected title.
  • For electronic titles, take any title and registration receipt to your county treasurer's office.

Titles and Registrations will research the information. If it turns out that the bureau erred, they'll correct the error for free. If they followed instructions properly, then the applicant will have to pay a title fee.

Change Your Name

If your name has changed legally, contact your respective county treasurer's office with any paper such as a marriage license, divorce decree or court order with a legal name change. On the back of the title, you'll also have to record all information for the new title. If a lien holder exists, they'll also have to complete Lienholder's Consent to Transfer Ownership (Form TR-128). Insurance Finder

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