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Lone Star Abstract & Title Co., Inc. is a full service title and escrow company specializing in residential and commercial real estate transactions.  We offer a full range of settlement and support services including:

  • Title Insurance
  • Abstractors Certificates
  • Title Searches
  • Recording Services
  • Legal Advice
  • Online ordering and Status Checking 24/7
  • Spanish Speaking Licensed Escrow Officer
  • Deed Preparation
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Forclosure  Transactions
  • Property and Judgement Reports
Real Estate has always been considered one of a person’s most valuable assets. Therefore, laws and regulations have become complex and cumbersome. A “Title Insurance Policy” insures the owners of real property or others interested against financial loss caused by title risks that are covered. It is extremely important that the buyer be financially protected against any undisclosed restrictions, liens or other types of claims against the property. A title company provides this information for its underwriter by examining public records and issuing a commitment as to the current condition of the title. The Texas Department of Insurance regulates the issuance of owner’s and lender’s title policies. It is the intent of the Department to provide for the protection of every Texas consumer and purchaser of a title insurance policy. The premium rate and types of coverages are set by the Texas Department of Insurance and is not a negotiable cost. This one-time premium charge for title insurance provides protection against hidden defects (undiscoverable problems), which may not be discovered by a search and examination of public records. Title Insurance is valuable assurance that every possible potential obstacle to “clear” title has been brought to the buyer’s attention. The lender’s policy protects the lender’s interest only and does not provide protection to the owner. What are some of the hidden defects? Hidden defects can include fraud, forgeries, duress, defective documents, improper signatures, faulty acknowledgements, recording errors, incompetence, incapacity, impersonation, unknown heirs and incorrect tax reports. Remember, your title policy is insurance. It is a contract of indemnity, meaning a promise to pay you or to take other action if you have a loss resulting from a covered title risk.

Lone Star Abstract & Title Co., Inc. began in 1951 in Midland Texas. Founded by Thomas P. Ingram, it started with only three people. Lone Star currently employs 25 people and has remained one of the top producing title companies in Midland County for decades. Lone Star Abstract remains locally owned and operated and has seven licensed escrow officers and an attorney who devotes his time to real estate law. The title plant records go back as far as 1885, the start of Midland County, and is currently being updated in computer format. You will find that Lone Star has a wealth of experience and employees who have remained here for many years and are proud of the company they have built .


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