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Other title loan companies tend to take advantage of their title loan customers by charging them ridiculously high interest rates, taking advantage of customers at their time of need. Here at 1(800) Car-Title® we believe in transparency and fairness, that’s why we may be able to help when you refinance your car title loan with us. We offer competitive rates that can help you save every month, depending on the value of your vehicle, your current car title loan terms and your ability to repay. When you refinance your car title loan with 1(800) Car-Title® you may be able to lower your APR and save throughout the life of your loan. Remember it never hurts to get a second opinion, and you might be surprised with how much you can save. Call or fill out a form today and let us show you how refinancing your car title loan might be the best decision for you.

Benefits of refinancing your car title loan with 1(800) Car-Title®

  • Lower your monthly car payments
  • Prevent default on your current car title loan
  • Prevent repossession
  • Lower interest rates

How do I refinance my Car Title Loan with 1(800) Car-Title®?

The car title refinance process is very similar to the initial car title loan process. One of our friendly loan officers will study your current loan structure and work with you to figure out if we can offer you a better car title loan. The loan officer will work with you to verify your vehicle’s value, ability to repay and all documentation necessary. Once your loan is approved we will pay off your current loan and you will have a new car title loan with 1 (800) Car-Title® possibly at a lower rate. Then it’s time to start saving!!


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