How to Replace a Lost Vehicle Title in Idaho

You may apply for a duplicate vehicle title if your original title is lost, stolen, or damaged. A vehicle with a missing title cannot be bought or sold, so owners must apply for and obtain a replacement before they can sell their vehicle.


In the state of Idaho, only the owner, lienholder or their owner can apply for a duplicate title.

  1. In the state of Idaho, only the owner, lienholder or their owner can apply for a duplicate title. Complete the Application for Idaho Title form, making sure to indicate on the form that you are applying for a duplicate title. Be sure to fill in the VIN and title number or else you will have to complete a Idaho State Motor vehicle record request form with a $4 fee.
  2. Once completed, you must have the signature on the application form properly notarized.
  3. If your title shows a lienholder, you must include a completed and notarized Lien Release with your application or it should be attached with an original satisfaction of lien statement or a copy verifying its originality. If this is not satisfied, the duplicate title will be mailed to the lienholder.
  4. If there are changes to be made on the original title, because of incorrect name or description, you must resubmit the title with a letter stating the reason. An $8 fee may apply.
  5. In order to submit new lienholder information, the name and address must be written on the ‘new lienholder section' on the title. A $8 fee is applicable.


Along with your application form and the other materials, you must submit an $8.00 duplicate title fee. An expedited fee of $15.00 is applicable totalling up to $23.00. Do not send cash.


You can submit the application and fees for a duplicate title at your local DMV office, or mail the package to:

Idaho Transportation Department
Titles/Dealer Operations Section
Post Office Box 34,
Boise, Idaho 83731-0034 



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