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We serve a variety of customers with different needs. Businesses can use a title loan as leverage to buy supplies or quick cash to meet surprise expenses. Real estate agents and salespeople use our vehicle title loans to improve their cash flow while waiting for commission checks. LoanMax takes pride in offering an easy solution to complex problems for all our customers.

Simply put, a title loan is a loan with no credit checks and easy approval! Your free and clear car title is all the credit you need to get fast cash.

Your vehicle, photo ID, income and a clear vehicle title are all that is needed to apply for car title loans.

Please have all people listed on the title come with you to a LoanMax location.

A free and clear title will say ‘No Liens’ or have no one listed as a ‘Lienholder’. You can also call the auto lender that issued the loan for verification. Questions? We are happy to assist you! Please call us at 877-511-CASH to speak with a title loan agent in your area!

The value of your vehicle and your ability to repay will affect how much can be borrowed. Loan amounts can also vary by state, with a range from $100 to $10,000.

The process to get a car title loan is fast and simple. All you need is the car’s title, vehicle and picture ID. Simply visit a nearby LoanMax location where a friendly agent will evaluate your needs and the vehicle. You will then complete a short application and our agents will review terms and conditions before the loan signing. That’s it! Once you are approved, you will then leave with cash AND your car.

From start to finish the process averages only 20 minutes.

Yes, $10,000 in most states. However, several states have maximums below $10,000.

Either online or in person is an efficient choice. We want to make the process as easy and convenient for you as possible. Should you choose to start online, you can prequalify the loan amount and find a nearby LoanMax office. Once your online application is received, a representative will call and discuss how to finish the process at any of our locations.

Yes, borrowers still must come in to sign paperwork, have their vehicle evaluated and receive cash. However, starting the process online makes the process even more efficient! We understand that some clients may prefer to apply for title loans by phone. No problem! Simply call us at 877-511-CASH to speak with an office in your area.

The more information you provide online, the more quickly we can get you approved! There are a few basic tidbits that are required (e.g. your name, phone number, income (?) and car make/model/year). Most of the other questions are optional or can be reviewed at our office. However, your title loan can be processed faster by giving more information in advance of coming to a location.

You can rest easy knowing we store all information in a fireproof safe or encrypted server. Starting from 1990, we have never had a data security breach. We adhere to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Federal Information Safeguarding Law, along with all federal and state privacy laws.

Yes! Many of our clients are self-employed professionals, such as contractors in need of working capital to buy supplies or meet expenses. Our small business expertise and quick approvals make us the title loan company of choice for self-employed borrowers.

Yes, federal law prohibits discrimination against a borrower’s source of income. We must consider your unemployment benefits. We may also consider your start date for a new job or the income of any family and friends who may co-sign on the loan.

No. At LoanMax, we believe owning your own vehicle free and clear proves your creditworthiness.

Automotive title loans use a vehicle as collateral. Repossessions are uncommon but can occur in certain instances. However, this is a final measure and LoanMax believes in working with customers who fall behind on payments. Repossession is a not a desirable outcome for either party.

No. LoanMax does not have prepayment penalties.

Most locations accept cash, debit card, money orders, cashier’s checks and Western Union. This makes it convenient to pay in several ways. Our agents will discuss all the payment options available at the time of your loan. Online payments are also available for most of our customers. Please click here to make an online title loan payment.

Simply call us at 877-511-CASH or click here to find the nearest office by entering your ZIP code. For our Spanish speaking customers, please call 866-TITULOS.


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