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When you 1st start its alot to take in if you are not use to working in store. Learned how to open and close a store . Training mamager was great! Work was ver chill and great if you dont have little kids in school. Housr cant comeplain.


Too much for little pay

On slow days it was relaxing but on busy days it was very fast paced and of course competitive. Dealt with lots of traffic in and out of the store all day. It was non stop.

its alright job at times but it has its ups and down like any job but if yours think about working at one location it stay under staff and over worked

I started working for Check N Go in October of 2016 and I am already looking for another job. This company is VERY unethical and quite honestly full of it. They will tell you one thing and do another the DDO I am working under would lie constantly and knows less about the company than I do. When I was hired I was told I would receive a bonus if my store hit our target but we exceeded that a few times and still have not received anything. This would be an great job for someone who doesn't mind not being compensated for the work they are putting in.


Can be flexible with your schedule if you ask for time off in advance


CSR's and managers do the exact same work but CSR's get paid substantially lower, DDO doesn't know what she's doing.

This job is easy and enjoyable. The money is not that great especially when you are risking yourself with so much cash on hand. Duties include cashing checks and money orders.

Great company to work for if your into helping out your community and people around you. Typical day at work consists of answering phones, customer service, helping customers out with their loans, taking payments, and cash handling.

Personal loans and knowledge of collection practices, collecting debit payments and cash handling. Check cashing and marketing. Also Western unions and STARS program trained


Good people and great atmostphere

I enjoyed working with the public.Check N Go was a very fast paced location.Multi-tasking was used to take care of business in a timely manner.I have learned alot about western union and processing payments over the phone.Developing a great rapport with my customers helped to be able to understand their needs and grow my customer base with referrals.


Meeting new people and helping to work out their finances.

This business should be outlawed. It takes people at their most desperate and wrings every last penny from them. I felt dirty most nights for doing what I did, and will never go back.

This company is a good company to start your management skills. It prepares you for the state of Michigan laws and policies. State audits are very intense but they are very helpful.


Business building, Debit collection training


No lunch. Deals, work alone all the time, no opportunity to advance

you need to be a fast learner to thrive at this job. It was not my favorite place to work but it was not that horrible. The biggest issue was the amount of money you had to manage.

busy on certain days very professional businesscan be hectic not that many hours as you want

coworkers and management were very nice and understandable

This Job could have been better if I was in a better location. A typical work day was a CSR doing all the managers work and not being compensated for it

Typical work day included greeting customers, producing payday loans, cashing checks, bill pay, organizing folders,and doing paperwork. Overall a wonderful company that works as a team to achieve the same goal which would be to assist the customer in every way possible we are able to.

Loan processing, check issuing, safe handling, collections, money orders, customer info intake, open/close, customer info kept confidential and secure

Job sounds amazing and comes with good benefits and perks so to speak. However the turn over is extremely high. Store managers get 40 hours a week CSR's get 19 hours a week. Manager spends the majority of the work week alone without the other employee because of the part time hours being set at 19. District managers have a high turn over and constantly change hands which makes the store managers job more difficult knowing who to report to. Every year or two there is a witch hunt so to speak and anyone who did not sell out another employee or asked for a better yearly raise will be terminated for some reason or another with in 6 months.


no breaks for the entire 9 hour shift, work solo more often that have help, corporate not easy to please

Overall my experience working at check n go was great. I did learn a lot in the short time there. Sometimes it was a lot to handle but with more time I am sure I would have got a better hold on things.


Great learning experience


Not enough time to get a better grasp of things.

Daily I worked alone. When I came in the other associate would be leaving. During the day I would go to the bank 2 times a day, handled western union transactions and payday loans. The job itself was great just became lonely sometimes.


cash handling knowledge

Create loans, collection calls, Western Union, Check cashing, Netspend, Deposits, Auditing and managing one co worker. I also did courtesy calls, mailed out letters, took payments.


picked my own schedule within approved limits

I could not use this as a second job as I could not get a standard work schedule - it would change daily. They allowed 22 hours a week determined by the store manager.


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