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Cash 1 offers two types of loans in Nevada and Arizona, and Las Vegas is one of the service areas where you can receive a payday loan without a credit check. To apply for a loan, you visit one of Cash 1’s storefronts or submit an online form to have a representative contact you over the phone.

In Nevada, you can apply for an installment loan or a title loan, and Cash 1 lets you apply for an installment loan in-person or online. To meet eligibility minimums, you must be gainfully employed, have an open checking account, provide a government-issued photo ID and be at least 18 years old. One additional requirement is that you cannot be an active-duty member of the United States military.

Installment loans are short-term loans you repay over a period of weeks or months, though exact terms vary based on your loan amount and qualifications. Nevada regulates the lending industry and states that loans obtained without a credit check must be paid back within 90 days, so your repayment period will not exceed this limit.

Though Cash 1 won’t issue you a payday loan if you don’t have a checking account, it does allow you to receive a title loan without one. To qualify for a title loan in Nevada, you must have proof of income, a clean car title with no liens and a government-issued photo ID, and you must be 18 or older. Before Cash 1 completes your loan process, you must bring your vehicle in for an inspection to verify its condition.

Title loans and installment loans are both quick ways to access cash. However, we don’t recommend using either as a first option. Rather than jumping into an installment loan or putting your car up as collateral, look into other options. Credit unions typically offer personal loans with lower interest rates and far fewer risks. For example, if you fail to make your payments on a title loan, the lender will repossess your car. Traditional loans offer fairer terms for the borrower. If you decide to go forward with Cash 1’s services, be sure to check the company’s website for its current rates and fees. Remember, just because a loan officer in the company qualifies you for an offer, you are under no obligation to accept the full amount or go forward with the loan.

Cash 1 offers payday loans in the form of installment loans. It also offers title loans if you meet the requirements and have a clean car title with no liens.


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